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Bioidentical hormones.
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Progesterone cream

    How do I get bioidentical hormones?

Find a doctor

Bioidentical hormones are usually obtained with a prescription(s) from a doctor working with a compounding pharmacy. A compound pharmacy makes the hormones to specifically meet the needs of each individual woman in the form of a cream, gel, sublingual, or suppository.

Compounding pharmacies are not found everywhere. Nor are doctors that are knowledgable about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) or willing to prescribe BHRT. A doctor can work with any online compounding pharmacy if there is not a compounding pharmacy locally.

It can be difficult to find a doctor to prescribe BHRT. The best way to find a doctor is to find compounding pharmacy in your area and ask the pharmacist for a doctor's name.

Here are some links to help you find a compounding pharmacy in your area:

There are also some bioidentical hormones produced by drug companies that a doctor can prescribe that do not require the use of a compounding pharmacy. These include Estradot, Vivelle Dot, Ovestin vaginal cream, Oestrogel, VagiFem, and Prometrium and Microgest (bioidentical progesterone capsules).

Over-the-counter progesterone cream

Low dosage bioidentical progesterone creams can be purchased without a prescription in drug stores, health food stores, and online. Here are a couple of links to my favorite progesterone creams. There are many creams available online to experiment with. Make sure they contain actual progesterone and are not wild yam creams.

    Pro-gest has been around for a long time and has been used in clinical tests, so I know it actually has progesterone in the amount that it says. It's a good cream.
    This site has a good prices and services and I use it for many items.

    Natpro is another good progesterone cream. It contains the maximum dosage of bioidentical progesterone, which allows a for a smaller amount to be massaged into the skin. This takes less time, and the cream absorbs quicker than Pro-gest.

Saliva tests

Saliva tests to determine your hormone levels can be ordered by anyone on line:

No doctor?

Is this legal?

Yes, it is legal for personal use without a prescription. “Personal use” generally means about a three month supply. Many people are not aware that you can purchase a prescription drug you want legally for your own personal use without a prescription. Under U.S. Code 21, Section 331 you are allowed to legally import any prescription drug without a prescription for your own personal use. Just call your local U.S. Customs office and request a free copy of document CF4790.

Here are some sites where you can purchase bioidentical hormones without a prescription. Read "What forms do bioidentical hormones come in?" before looking at these sites. I have used Inhouse Pharmacy and Goldpharma and have been very happy with the product and service. Masters Marketing in the UK may also still sell hormones for personal use (I haven't used them for several years), but their website now indicates that they require a prescription.